Artosis shows true colours at DH Open
I don't think Overlords should fly.
Casting GSL Season 2 Ro16 Group D
Tasteless: "There's no cannon. THERE'S NO CANNON! Where's the cannon?"

Artosis: "There is no cannon, you just said it yourself."
Casting GSL Season 2 Ro32 Group H
Squirtle is mulch in the garden of Innovation's Terran.
Casting GSL Season 2 Ro32 Group H
Oh my God this is a babality! Innovation turned squirtle into a baby!
Casting GSL Ro32 Group G
Those immortals would have killed all the roaches and cured cancer by now, if it were Parting's.
Casting DH Open
I feel like he's having a mid-Life crisis right now.
Casting DH Open
The best defense is a good defense.
Casting Jjakji vs Revival at IEM Katowice
Could this be MECH? If so, this would MECH me very happy.
Casting Jjakji vs Revival at IEM Katowice
Swarm Host/Muta has more gas than German water.
Casting IEM Katowice
He is a Protoss, lasers come naturally to him.
Casting SeatStory Cup
Where there is a SwarmHost, there is a way.
Casting Socke vs Hyun - SeatStoryCup Group A
Whenever you find yourself warping in only Stalkers without Blink, you know that you're dead.
Casting WCS Korea S1 Ro32 Group C
A bullet in Starcraft's head would still be better than 15 Protoss in the round of 16.
Casting WCS Korea S1 Ro32 Group C
A bullet in Starcraft's head would still be better than 15 Protoss in the round of 16.
Sound PvZ advice, casting Parting vs True - WCS Korea Season 1 Group E
When in doubt, build more roaches.
Casting Hot6 Cup
Mech and my baby, those are my favorite things.
Artosis gets married - from twitter
Life goal accomplished: walked down isle to sc1 Terran theme.
Deep truths are uncovered - sometime during Blizzcon
Phoenixes are even more useless against Ultras than Sentrys are.
sOs goes up 2-0 in the WCS Global finals (BlizzCon) vs JaeDong cannon-rushing both games
Maybe cannon-rushes are the way to go, maybe the NA server got it right.
When Terran hits the 'select all army button', does it select their SCVs as well?
Casting WCS Korea S3 Ro16 Group D
My goal one day: fiberoptic internet to the Korean ladder server from a little island in the Philippines where I live in a little hut. I'll play Starcraft and eat coconuts, that's it.
Casting Nerchio vs Life - DH Open Bucarest 2013 Day2
The problem with rock-paper-scissors is that rock is just too strong. If your first 2-3 throws are not rock you're basically a cheeser.
Casting Flash vs Hyvaa - WCS Korea GSL Premier S3 Ro32 Group E
Tasteless: "This is a roach-sandwich Artosis."

Artosis: "That's true but sometimes the filling beats the bread!"
Casting Dream vs Bbyong G2 - WCS S3 Korea Challenger
You know what they say? You can't stim a browned banana.
Casting Scarlett vs Bomber - WCS S2 Global Finals
The early Muta does not always get the Banshee.
Casting WCS S2 Global Finals
Apollo: "Artosis, there is only one Pylon powering those 6 Gateways!"

Artosis: "I believe they call that the Incontrol-Pylon."
Innovation goes 0-4 vs Maru's one-base pushes in the WCS KR Season 2 Semifinals
There is nothing more serious than a one-base all-in.
Team Acer 'Grilled' EP61
StarCraft is like a logic puzzle and art, all in one. I see beauty in it and I want to understand it more.
Casting Stephano vs Stardust - DHOpen Valencia Group Stage #3 Group B
The 7 Gate +1 attack isn't a girlfriend, it's a build with benefits.
Casting Hyvaa vs First - WCS KR Season 2, Ro16 Day 5
The cheesiest thing a cheeser can do is play a macro game.
Casting Bomber vs Bbyong - WCS Korea Ro16
This is how I measure people's skill in TvT: how many medivacs full of hellbats does Bomber need to kill you.
Casting Rain vs Hyvaa - WCS KR Ro16
Did you know that Airtoss is actually an anagram of Artosis?
Solo-casting TLO vs Stephano G1 - WCS Global Finals S1 Group A
The scariest thing in the entire world for a solo caster is to encounter the pause in game.
Soulkey defeats Innovation in the WCS Korea / GSL S1 Final
Soulkey just did the hardest thing in the whole world: it's not being an astronaut, it's not being the president and balancing the economy, it's beating Innovation in a best of 7 in a GSL final.
Innovation beats RorO 3-0 in the WCS Korea GSL Ro8
I don't think that TvZ is imbalanced but Innovation vs Z certainly is.
Casting Flying vs Soulkey - WCS Korean Ro16
The sound of one phoenix lifting: an old Chinese proverb for silence.
Casting HerO vs Hyun - DH Open Ro8 2013
Hallucinated probes certainly have no soul.
Casting Innovation vs. Hyun G1 - WCS Korea Season 1 Ro32 Group F
You think fixing the economy is hard? Listen Obama... I don't think so. Try to play TvZ like Innovation.
Casting Shine vs. Symbol - WCS Korea Season 1 Ro32 Group E
10 pool is the new black, it goes well with every style.
Humble Dan on replay analysis while streaming
You really have to detach yourself and accept that you suck at StarCraft. Like I suck at StarCraft and it's all I've done for 15 years.
On cultural differences between regions - SOTG EP86
I played on the NA ladder for a while and the things that people do are to pick up ladder points, while the Koreans are training to be good.
That's how I derive happiness: playing StarCraft.
HotS vs WoL - SOTG EP86
I couldn't see another Wings of Liberty game if you paid me now that I've seen Heart of the Swarm.
Artosis explains his curse, casting Taeja vs. Soulkey G5 - 2013 GSL S1 Code S, Ro8
I am always right but sometimes things go wrong and people call it my curse.
Casting MC vs. Curious G2 - 2013 GSL S1 Code S, Ro16, Group C
One phoenix is like the sound of one hand clapping, it's not very much.
Casting Taeja vs DRG G2 - 2013 GSL S1 Code S, Ro16, Group A (07-Feb-2013)
Without infestors, what are broodlords but giant mutas that shoot out weak zerglings?
Casting Team8.TY vs Startale.Curious G2 - Ro32 GSL Code S S1 Group B
If Code S was a vodka, it would be a very expensive quadruple distilled vodka.
Tweet during GSL S1 2013 Up and Downs Group C
There is nothing better than good StarCraft.
Crazy multi-prong attack from Rain vs IdrA - Ro16 BWC Global Finals (18-Nov-2012)
Rain just did a 5 pronged attack, there aren't even forks with that many prongs.
Casting Squirtle vs Nerchio in the GSLWC Finals - IPL5 Day3
Tasteless: "I don't know why people go for Void Rays, you just fungal them."

Artosis: "Isn't that the answer to everything?"
sLivko gets his nickname during sLivko vs Grubby 2-3 (funny enough this time the crash test dummy was harder than the brickwall) - IEM Singapore 2012 semifinals
sLivko is the brick wall Zerg and all the Protosses he plays against are crash test dummies.
Casting PartinG vs Sniper - GSL Code S Ro16 Group C
In the words of Madonna: PartinG is like a virgin, his immortal push got held for the very first time.
Artosis solo casting GSL Code S Ro16 Group B
Welcome back to the GSL, I am Artosis, and I am Tasteless-less.
During Royal Roader ceremony in which Life is awarded with a huge bastard sword, Ro32 GSL Code S S5 Group H 2012
People that say that video games promote violence are so stupid, I just wanna force-field them in a triangle and kill them with Colossus beams.
Luxury Archon Toilet - Hero vs Curious G2, Ro32 GSL Code S S5 2012
That Archon toilet was so good, it had a bidet!
Artosis teaches us about the ship that was built in the Antiga Shipyard - Taeja vs Polt G1, Ro32 GSL Code S S5 2012
NesTea has a yacht so large, it displaces the ocean.
Maybe this one time Life solved the meaning of MVP - Life wins GSL S4 2012
Many people, many religions, have tried to figure out the meaning of Life, and MVP solved it.
From Artosis' response to #SaveHOTS
SC2 is the best damn game in the world. Its more beautiful and complex than anything else being played at the moment. There is absolutely no RTS game on the horizon which could possibly knock it off its pedestal.
MVP beats Rain and moves forward to the GSL Code S S4 Finals
[MVP] is not stylistic, his style is winning, which is the style you want to have.
MVP (vs Symbol) keeps winning despite his injury - Ro8 GSL Code S S4 2012
You know what they say Tasteless: in Korea, nerves don't pinch MVP, MVP pinches nerves.
Artosis explains how to all-in - GSL Code S S4 Ro16 2012
Once you commit, you don't stop committing.
Casting SC2WCS EU 2012
Sweden is basically mini-Korea.
Casting Byun vs Rain G2 - GSL S4 2012
Well you know what Sun Tzu says: 'When macro player, sometimes cheese'.
Artosis, beer in hand, explains his RPS philosophy after losing a Bo5 to CARMAC - IEM Cologne
It's all about rock, man. People who go paper are fucking weak.
Blowing minds at MLG Summer Arena 2012
You can't spell Artosis without R-T-S. Literally, you actually can't.
Naniwa beats Genius and advances to Code S Ro8, GSL S3 2012
He is both Worf and Riker. He is all Deanna Troi ever wanted all in one!
A gang of queens, casting JonnyREcco vs DeMusliM at SC2WCS UK 2012
A bunch of mutalisks are called a flock, but what do you call a bunch of queens? I think we should call it a gang. A gang of queens.
SC2 according to Artosis, casting GSL S3 2012
When your opponent attacks, defend. If he defends, expand. If he expands, attack.
Artosis comments the stagnant state of current TvZ and welcomes the queen range increase, SC2 Dojo
At this point, I can almost cast a TvZ without looking at the screen.
Commenting the latest Naniwa controversy, SOTG EP67
Here's a fun fact, you guys: NaNiwa actually is not a murderer.
Casting MLG Spring Arena #1, Apr 2012
When you're fighting broodlings with your probes, you know it's time to leave.
Casting GSL, Mar 2012
We have the GSL what do you have? The Superbowl? AHAH... no thanks!
Announcing the birth of 'Artwosis' on GOMTV, Jan 2012
I wanna rule the world vicariously through a child.
Casting Taeja vs Leenock - Ro8 GSL Code S S4 2012
You know, Tasteless, true in life and in Starcraft: you don't commit, you can't get hurt.
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